Baby Ear Forehead Digital Thermometer, ELERA Digital New 2020 Infrared Thermometer with 4 Backlight Mode and Heat Warning, FDA and CE Approved, with Drawstring Bag, Care Health Status of Infants and Toddlers and Adults at any Time. (White)

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  • Forehead thermomete23High Accurate Probe

    Our Baby Thermometer adopt the latest, high-accuracy and sensitive probe, just to deliver you the reliable reading. It can achieve 1 second precise reading.

    It’s also backed by clinical studies and recommended by medical professionals, FDA Approved.

    All aims at reducing patents’ doubts, providing the best accuracy and consistent results.



    Dual Mode Measurement

    Forehead mode :

    1.Press the Mode/Memory button and choose Adult forehead mode or Child forehead mode.

    2.Point the temperature probe at the center of forehead, keep in contact with skin.

    Ear mode:

    1. Press the Mode button and turn into Ear mode.

    2. Take off the probe cover, keep the probe in close contact with the ear canal.Press the Measurebutton for one second and get the result.Forehead thermomete24

    Fever Alarm

    Equipped with fever alarm system, easily identify if body or object is normal, attention or too hot.


    • Forehead thermomete26Green Light: Below 37.5℃/99.5℉.
    • Orange light: Between 99.7℉~100.4℉/37.6~38.0℃.(If the body temperature continues to be high,should pay attention to your body condition).
    • Red Light: Higher than 38.1℃/101.3℉.(You should go to see a doctor as soon as possible)